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Greensboro Taxi, Designated Driving and Airport Service

We provide designated driving and car pickup services throughout the Greensboro North Carolina area.
Airport pick-up and drop-off services, and car pick-up and drop-off services are also available. Our staff is always on call for to taxi you around town and get you to where you need to go on time and safely. Don’t let our luxurious line of cars fool you. Our prices are very competitive.


  If you need a group taxi to take you around Greensboro you want to choose one of our SUV’s or vans. Also perfect for a group of friends who need a designated driver to get them home safely after happy hour. With all our vehicles we also offer car pick up service so you can get home safe, and your car will be at your home in the morning. Chip in with friends to get home safe in our luxurious SUV’s. It’s much cheaper than a ticket.

Our line of Luxury sedans make the perfect impression when picking up prospective clients from out of town or if you just want to be chauffeured around town in style when going out, or for business. You will be sure to make a statement with out of town guest when they are greeted at the Greensboro airport in a luxurious Chrysler 300. This line is also perfect for larger groups who would like to be more comfortable on the way to their destination.

Ro’s DDT Provides comfortable sedans for your convenience. Whether you just need a taxi around Greensboro to run your errands or you need a designated diver to get you home safe after a night on the town. Our line of sedans provide comfort and class to get you home safe, and in style. Our line of sedans are also perfect for an airport pickup or dropoff for you or when your loved ones are visiting.


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